Best Review Snippet / Widget for Big Cartel (2020)

The ideal way for Big Cartel users to add a customer reviews or testimonials page is create a new blank page. Here are the steps!

  1. Creating a new page in Big Cartel
  2. Once you created the blank page give it a title like Reviews or Testimonials.
  3. Then clicking on the HTML code button you can paste the relevant code from your testimonial robot email. DONE!

Example of Reviews Added to a Product:

Example of Overall General Review page for your shop:


<h1>Our Big Cartel Customer Reviews</h1>

<div id=’trobot’ style=””></div>
<script …. ></script>

Like so, into the page and save. This is just a basic example – style and layout as you see fit.


Customer Review Widget

Best Review Snippet / Widget for Big Cartel (2020)