How existing customers can help you grow

So, it was 8am this morning I got a ticket support email from a customer that we had promised to deliver a feature for.  Not good!

I realized that  I should have knuckled down and got the job done within a few days but being over 1 week later the feature was already travelling further and further down our priority list.

The feature wasn’t as crucial as others but I noticed that the customer pressure I had on my mind, and the thought of possibly upsetting a current customer or possibly even losing that customer led me to focus much more and get it completed in much shorter time.

I was more Agile and I got a buzz from the anticipated kudos I would get from the customer loving their newly added feature. Added just for them! Don’t misunderstand me, the feature was of benefit to all our customers, but to that customer it was theirs.

This has real benefits for me too. I got the job-done satisfaction of creating a new feature (adding value) to our service and therefore adding value to all our customers.

I now have a new eager advocate for our business who is more loyal to our service than before, because they were satisfied, but also more importantly because they contributed.

That contribution or vested interest is super important for generating sustainable growth. So the customer in question then becomes a promoter of your brand or service, who would more readily recommend you to their peer network and beyond.

It’s so simple it’s brilliant. But as developers & entrepreneurs with limited time, we need to be careful of feature creep and be careful of over promising when you can’t deliver.

So what do I propose then?

Let’s say you have a plan for introducing a range of new features and updates to your SaaS service or product. Just send them out on an email to customers and ask them to vote on which ones they would like to see implemented.

Then work through the most important or the most popular ones, but get them all done anyway. The voting process will have an effect of creating the vested interest I spoke of earlier. Like any of the reality voting TV programmes – people will have their favorites and they love to be right! So let them be right!

Later on, thank them for suggesting the feature and tell them when it’s done!

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How existing customers can help you grow

New features on the way

If we have not included a crucial feature that you require – please let us know or tweet us at @TestimonialR or contact our support team on the

Here are some on the great new features we are hoping to introduce over the next two months.

Exporting Testimonials from Dashboard Screen

Some of our customers want this for peace of mind and for post-review analysis of there customer feedback. We fully understand this. Current export formats are in Excel and Tab delimited text file.

Newly Updated Customer Request Screen

We have noticed that the customer request screen has been ignored of late and with a view to resolving that we are working on version 2 of this screen which will include a logging / tracking system for the requests so you can see what customers are responding to your requests and which ones are failing to react.

Each request will be logged for viewing and re-sending if required. Also delivery tracking and viewing of email by the customer (similar to mailchimp etc.) is on the cards too.

Widget Wizard

We soon hope to have a new user-friendly Widget Builder feature, which will allow users and non-techies the ability to customize the colors and layout of your snippet.

Customer Review Widget Improvements

Customers are loving our Rich Snippet rating compatibility and this is confirmed by the increase in signups we are getting everyday. We want to now improve the visuals of the review Scroller widget and also add a similar dynamic form function to the List Widget.

Snippet tidy-up: We are looking to build more features into the generic snippet code lines so that forms and popups are part of the snippet from the start and can be switched on with only a single setting.

If you have not yet tried our service – please avail of our free 14-Day Trial here

Customer Review Widget






New features on the way

How to get the Best Reviews from your Customers

So, after listening to Seth Godin on an entrepreneur / growth Podcast (there are so many to name!), I have decided to take his advice to Blog once a day, if possible.

This will allow for more ideas to generate themselves and might attract users to request new features that matter to them and their customers.

So for the first of the daily posts I am going to just touch lightly on how to collect Testimonials or Reviews from your customers.

So without delay, here are some bullet tips:

  • Identify repeat users or users you believe had a good experience
  • Also, identify separately one or two users that did not have a good experience (I’ll explain later)
  • Ask them to be specific – you want a targeted review to highlight what was right or wrong about your service or product
  • Don’t bombard them with text or content – keep the request short and snappy. 1 or 2 paragraphs of text at most. Less is more.
  • Ask them to provide one or two lines only – they can and will offer more if there are delighted with you. But just asking for only 1 or 2 lines is a more inviting prospect for the customer
  • Correct grammar and spelling from your end – do not ask customers to redo their reviews
  • Always reply to received reviews with a courteous pleasant message that does not come across as generic
  •  Never speak for your customer – do not embellish their reviews or testimonials – people have a nose for fake statements

The reason for asking for feedback from those that had issue with your offering is so you can fix the mistakes that are occurring. Poke a Yoke is a term in Quality and Sigma Sigma that is used for reducing errors / mistakes from service or product.  It is also known as Mistake Proofing.

I will add a little feature graphic soon. Thanks for your Time!

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How to get the Best Reviews from your Customers