How to get the Best Reviews from your Customers

So, after listening to Seth Godin on an entrepreneur / growth Podcast (there are so many to name!), I have decided to take his advice to Blog once a day, if possible.

This will allow for more ideas to generate themselves and might attract users to request new features that matter to them and their customers.

So for the first of the daily posts I am going to just touch lightly on how to collect Testimonials or Reviews from your customers.

So without delay, here are some bullet tips:

  • Identify repeat users or users you believe had a good experience
  • Also, identify separately one or two users that did not have a good experience (I’ll explain later)
  • Ask them to be specific – you want a targeted review to highlight what was right or wrong about your service or product
  • Don’t bombard them with text or content – keep the request short and snappy. 1 or 2 paragraphs of text at most. Less is more.
  • Ask them to provide one or two lines only – they can and will offer more if there are delighted with you. But just asking for only 1 or 2 lines is a more inviting prospect for the customer
  • Correct grammar and spelling from your end – do not ask customers to redo their reviews
  • Always reply to received reviews with a courteous pleasant message that does not come across as generic
  •  Never speak for your customer – do not embellish their reviews or testimonials – people have a nose for fake statements

The reason for asking for feedback from those that had issue with your offering is so you can fix the mistakes that are occurring. Poke a Yoke is a term in Quality and Sigma Sigma that is used for reducing errors / mistakes from service or product.  It is also known as Mistake Proofing.

I will add a little feature graphic soon. Thanks for your Time!

Testimonial Robot Team



How to get the Best Reviews from your Customers