New features on the way

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Here are some on the great new features we are hoping to introduce over the next two months.

Exporting Testimonials from Dashboard Screen

Some of our customers want this for peace of mind and for post-review analysis of there customer feedback. We fully understand this. Current export formats are in Excel and Tab delimited text file.

Newly Updated Customer Request Screen

We have noticed that the customer request screen has been ignored of late and with a view to resolving that we are working on version 2 of this screen which will include a logging / tracking system for the requests so you can see what customers are responding to your requests and which ones are failing to react.

Each request will be logged for viewing and re-sending if required. Also delivery tracking and viewing of email by the customer (similar to mailchimp etc.) is on the cards too.

Widget Wizard

We soon hope to have a new user-friendly Widget Builder feature, which will allow users and non-techies the ability to customize the colors and layout of your snippet.

Customer Review Widget Improvements

Customers are loving our Rich Snippet rating compatibility and this is confirmed by the increase in signups we are getting everyday. We want to now improve the visuals of the review Scroller widget and also add a similar dynamic form function to the List Widget.

Snippet tidy-up: We are looking to build more features into the generic snippet code lines so that forms and popups are part of the snippet from the start and can be switched on with only a single setting.

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Customer Review Widget






New features on the way