Spring is Coming – Along with many improvements

Here at Testimonial Robot, we have constantly tried to add value and reduce feature creeping that would hamper the overall customer experience. Our tool is meant to be simple and easy to use because we want every kind of person to be able to use it for their customer reviews collection management.

We want Techies and Non-techies to be able to achieve the same results with our customizing features.

Some of the planned additions for the Spring are listed below:

  • Style builder
  • Custom Star images
  • Easier collection of reviewer photos
  • More social media and growth features :)

We want to make Testimonial Robot one of the best growth tools for SMEs that want to help to increase their sales.

Remember ‘Honest’ reviews sell and bring more to the Well!

All the best for now,

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Spring is Coming – Along with many improvements

A Tweak A Day Keeps The Queries Away

Some issues just get ignored or fall down the list depending on the priorities you set for your working week.

Getting the basics fixed and working becomes a necessity when users start to complain about an issue you once believed, “no one will notice or care” about.

Constant tweaking on those smaller less critical (but still annoying) UX / UI bugs will help to reduce the overall queries and will help with retention for those customers not willing to complain but who just jump ship anyway.

So try to make a list of the lesser smaller issues and call it your Tweak List. Then tackle one or more of the tweaks each day.

I actually immediately added a new issue spotted by a customer to the Tweak List and went at it right away. Then solved the issue in less than 1 hour. The customer was amazed and gave high praise and is now a avid promoter of our service.

Nice if you can get it!

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A Tweak A Day Keeps The Queries Away