Is Trip Advisor taking over your brand?

Well it would seem this is a statement made by the guys over at

They believe that Trip Advisor is gaining more from the widget presence than the individual customers that show their widget. It’s an interesting thought and a dilemma and probably also applies for Twitter or Facebook plugins too.

Our widget doesn’t really have much branding that links back to us except for when actions are taken to post data. We don’t spread our name or logo all over the widget, so it very much White-labelled. But maybe there is value in doing that? For both us and our customers.

We will look into a branded stamp of approval that gives our service more weight while also giving a nice new add-on for our customers. But we will not make it mandatory. We will offer this as a free extra to our service.

Our service could be seen as an alternative to the Trip Advisor ratings. However, we do not do everything they do and we are not just a Hotel or B&B rating service – we rate all businesses.

For those that are worried about their dependency on Trip Advisor, we are happy to provide a service that offers a choice.

Stay Tuned

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Is Trip Advisor taking over your brand?