Make New Features Worthwhile

When we first setup Testimonial Robot it was to fix a problem I myself had encountered. Reducing my own pain led to a batch of immediate signups within the first couple of weeks of launching the beta – with no advertising!

Within a few months our beta Free version was getting too many signups and we decided to remove the free version so we could offer a premium service to our paying users.

The support requests would come from Free and Paid users but mainly the Free guys were in more of a hurry to setup it seemed. As a bootstrapped startup you sometimes have to choose whether non-revenue generating traction or slow steady growth with revenue is better. We chose the latter.

With our goal focused on SME businesses online we want to add features that ONLY add value. Our newest features are the Share Requests you can send out from the dashboard to reviewers.

The new features are starting to prove popular as we can track results via Sendgrid reports of our daily volumes.

Adding the new features, making them sticky and providing a clear benefit for the customer is working and our signups are starting to pick up pace as a result.

More social features will be added in the coming weeks also to provide even more value to our customer base.

You will be rewarded with extra traction if you focus on delivering value for your current customers.

We will be tracking our future feature additions as diary entries on this blog so we can learn from them.

Have a great day,

Gary Plowman

Make New Features Worthwhile