Keeping your business website healthy

Our review widget is quite lightweight and loads asynchronously after the rest of the content has loaded. But many widgets, plugins and other items on your website can end up bloating it and increasing the page load times for your users.

If something is installed on your page and offers no value then consider removing or swapping with something that is value-added or adds value to the site.

Examples of non-value added:

  • Weather widget added to eCommerce website selling tech goods
  • Quote of the day widget added to Travel website
  • Twitter widget added to site that does not utilize their Twitter account

Testimonials and Reviews are key to many commercial websites today and offering extra bonuses like ratings in SERP results makes having a widget like ours invaluable for your business.

Being dynamic as well means that the SERP rating updates automatically with each new review that is added. So when Google next indexes your page your new rating will be applied.

If you want to try out our widget visit here.

Customer Review Widget


Keeping your business website healthy